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Museums, Tours and History

Museums, Tours and History

Sygun copper mine

Our self-guided audiovisual tours allow you to explore the old workings on foot, in complete safety.
There are winding tunnels and large, colourful chambers, magnificent stalactite and stalagmite formations and copper ore veins which contain traces of gold, silver and other precious metals.
Sygun offers a rare opportunity for those with a sense of adventure and curiosity, from the young to the elderly, to discover for themselves the wonders it still shelters after being abandoned in 1903.

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National Slate Museum

Set in a stunning landscape amidst the towering slate mountain of Dinorwig Quarry the National Slate Museum at Llanberis offers a wonderful insight into the history of slate quarrying in North Wales.
It is not so much a museum as a pocket of history, designed as though quarrymen and engineers have just put down their tools and left the courtyard for home.
With imaginative interpretation, the remarkable relics of the slate industry can be understood and enjoyed by children and adults alike.

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Lloyd George Museum

Discover the life and times of David Lloyd George who became Prime Minister during World War I.
In the Museum see unique collections, exhibitions, a film on his life including archive footage, a “talking head” which brings him to life and listen to his speeches.
There is also a Victorian schoolroom and Children’s Discovery Corner.

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